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If you are self-employed and live in the United States or Canada, you can probably reduce your taxes with a small business run with an honest expectation of profit and where your expenses are ordinary, necessary, and reasonable for that business. It's that simple.
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Options For Filing And Reporting Small Business Taxes
by Gary Ruplinger

Large and small businesses all around the United States are required to file and pay taxes. Small business taxes are applied and determined differently than those of larger corporations. To accurately report and pay small businesses taxes business owners are encouraged to follow these helpful preparation tips.

Small business owners have the option of filing their own tax returns or they can hire the help of a professional. Professional tax help can come from a certified public accountant (CPA) or professional tax preparer. Each individual is likely to accurately prepare a small business tax return; however, many business owners prefer working with a certified public accountant (CPA). In addition to a filing a federal or state small business tax return, a certified public accountant is experienced in keeping all financial records in order. Having all financial records in order may allow business owners to claim additional tax deductions or tax credits.

It is possible for a small business owner to prepare their own tax returns; however, the process is often long and sometimes difficult. To make the process easy many small business owners take a tax course or they purchase a tax software program. The majority of tax courses offer valuable information and helpful tips to those who may have to pay small business taxes. These courses are usually available at a local college or an establish tax preparation business for a small fee.

Since owning and operating a business is a large project there are many business owners who are unable to find the time to take a tax preparation course. These business owners are likely to purchase a tax software program. Tax software programs can be purchased from a traditional retail store or they can be paid for and downloaded off of the internet. The majority of individuals using a tax software program to determine if they owe any small business taxes are required to use the premium software versions because they are usually the only tax software versions that supply the forms needed for small businesses.

When preparing their own taxes small business owners are urged to keep in mind all of the tax deductions that they qualify for. There are many business owners who do not realize that they could qualify for multiple tax deductions. The majority of office supplies and other equipment that is required to operate a business is tax deductible. It is also possible for a small business owner to donate some of their old office equipment or supplies to a charity. These donations are considered charitable deductions. Many small business owners make the mistake of just tossing out their old equipment because they do not realize that they can receive tax deductions for donating old equipment as well as purchasing new equipment. Taking a tax preparation course, using a tax software program, or hiring the services of a tax professional are great ways for small business owners to learn about small business tax deductions that they may qualify for.

Many business owners decided to start preparing their own taxes only to later learn that figuring out small business taxes is more difficult than they anticipated. Small business owners who are unable to complete their small business tax returns or feel that they made a mistake on the tax forms can take their partially completed tax forms to a professional tax preparer for assistance and further completion.

Gray Rollins is a featured writer for the TaxHelpDirectory.com. To learn more about small business taxes and income tax preparation, visit our site.

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