February 19, 2010

IRS Debt Should Be Taken Seriously Otherwise, You’re Doomed

One of my earliest memories is of my grandmother uttering one of her favorite sayings, “Can’t get blood from a turnip.”  In Grandma’s case, she grew up in poverty so she was used to a simple living all her life. PreferredTaxRelief

I survived a serious health scare and my doctors thought that I wouldn’t be able to get through it.  I’m glad to be alive but I did something out of ordinary.  I cashed in my retirement money to take my family on a once in a  lifetime trip. 

I didn’t give much thought on the penalty that the IRS would slap on me for withdrawing my 401(k).  The representative informed me that I would be slapped with a 20 percent fee upfront as well as an additional 10 percent by the IRS but in hindsight, I didn’t pay attention to the IRS charges.  All I heard, in my mind, was an imaginary flight attendant telling me where the emergency exits were, as I envisioned the vacation I had booked before calling the retirement rep. 

Several years forward.  I am very much alive and the IRS has been on my case to collect their portion of the money which I withdrawn from my 401(k).  But there was nothing left, everything was spent on our trip of the lifetime. 

I can hear Grandma telling me those words.  {“Can’t get blood from a turnip.”}  How could the IRS chase on the money I owe them when I didn’t have the money to pay for them? 

The IRS sent me one certified letter, which I ignored.  When I got the second certified letter, my whole body felt numb.  This was no joke.  What was I going to do now? tax relief

I asked advice from my friends if they knew anyone who could help me out of this mess but none of them allowed themselves in such an ordeal.  I was pretty new to this whole Internet thing, but I started looking around and found a few businesses that said they could help.  After talking to the third company that demanded a huge sum of money, I was about to call it quits when I came across Preferred Tax Relief. 

I felt I was in good hands with Preferred Tax Relief since the start of our relationship.  They immediately attended to my case and contacted the IRS. 

Looking back, I truly feel lucky to have found the professionals at PreferredTaxRelief.com  Without them, my life would be a nightmare right now.  At last, I can sleep peacefully again! PreferredTaxRelief

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